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How can we ignore them?


When I began talking to the women and girls who beg on the corners of my city, I had no idea why they were begging or what they truly needed. Now, after over 8 years of working with the homeless and women who beg in Greensboro, NC, I have gained a better understanding of the issues. Homelessness is caused by a variety of problems including the loss of a job, a lack of an education, abandonment, abuse, mental health issues, immigration laws, the lack of affordable housing, and drug addiction. Every single woman I have met on the street is  homeless and begging for her own set of reasons. 

Volunteer or dontate to make a difference.
Contact one of these organizations today, or an
organization close to you!

Greensboro Urban Ministry

"Greensboro Urban Ministry's mission is to express the love of God
to our neighbors in need by offering food,shelter and solutions.
Their vision is stable lives for our neighbors." 
(336) 271-5959

Salvation Army Center of Hope

"Emergency Shelter provided through our Shelter to Sucess program. 
It can provide 36 single women, 20 men, and 10 families with food
and emergency shelter. Utilizing the Housing First and Rapid Rehousing
best practices within 30-90 days of shelter entry,a housing goal plan is
developed to help client's move directlyinto affordable housing as quickly
as possible then provide sixmonths to a year of home-based case management
support services after the move to help maintain housing stability.
Participants are approved for housing options throughcoordinated
assessment based on prioritization."
(336) 273-5572

YWCA Family Shelter

"The YWCA Greensboro Emergency Family Shelter program provides
shelter, food, case management and holistic support for families experiencing
homelessness. Each family develops a plan to achieve educational goals,
optimal health, financial stability, pay off debts and save money to move
into permanent housing."
(336) 333-0175

Interactive Resource Center

"The Interactive Resource Center is an innovative day center for people
experiencing homelessness or at imminent risk of becoming homeless.
Thanks to the hard work of our dedicated staff and the partnership of many
individuals and organizations who believe in our mission, the IRC has turned
an industrial lot into a vibrant hub of community activity featuring a wide
variety of services in one easy-to-access location. Here, you will find
everything from shower facilities to a computer lab, a mail room, classrooms
and meeting spaces. Our building is even surrounded by organic, edible gardens
that are free for the picking."
(336) 332-0824 

The Greensboro Voice

The Greensboro Voice is a not-for-profit newspaper addressing
the issues of homelessness, panhandling, and poverty. If you would
like to submit an article, email Stephanie Thomas at The Greensboro Voice.

Click here to watch video. Anna talks about how they should spend the money people give them.

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