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You fly on the corner

Yet stay on the ground

This way of life

Won't let you turn around

Make a change

Put your sign down

Go a new way

Life waits to be found  



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Wage Inequality

 "Poor, uneducated women do not have a realistic place in the current labor market, designed to support nuclear families with male breadwinners. Many poor woman are forced into service sector jobs that do not pay the livable wage or provide necessary benefits." ~Colorado Coalition for the Homeless

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Give a Package of Small Comfort

This is without a doubt a country filled with generous people. It's difficult for many of us to pass a woman who is begging on the corner and not stop to help her. We know however that as much as we might care about the woman and her situation, we as individuals do not have the means to help her in a substantial way. The majority of us simply do not have the training, the money, or the time to help a woman who is  begging to get off the street.  But we can give a small amount of comfort and assistance to her. If you'd liked to help, the following is a short list of items you can put in a ziplock bag to give to a woman who is begging on a corner near you: sunscreen, chapstick, gloves, hand-warmers, tissues, a small pad and pen, hard candy, gum, deodorant, and bottled water. 

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Why are Some Women Homeless?

Domestic Violence

"A high percentage of homeless women have experienced domestic or sexual violence at some point in their lives. Violence against women is a major cause of women's homelessness." Colorado Coalition for the Homeless

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Women's Shelters

Many people have asked me why some of the homeless women they see on the corners are not staying in a shelter. It's possible they are staying in a shelter. The problem is that most shelters only allow women to stay from 7:00 pm to 8:00 am. The rest of the time is spent outside.

Urban Ministry has 14 beds for women. To stay at Pathways an individual must have an income. Clara's House has room for 26 women with children. Please give to these shelters and help keep our women and children off the streets.


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