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You fly on the corner

Yet stay on the ground

This way of life

Won't let you turn around

Make a change

Put your sign down

Go a new way

Life waits to be found  



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Pregnant and Cold

When I first went out onto the street corners, I didn't understand how people could drive past a young pregnant woman standing in the cold and snow, on Sunday after church, and not stop to give her a few dollars. Most people have a good heart. People don't give because they are afraid to do the wrong thing. They don't want to enable someone in what might be self destructive behavior. If you want to give, give a kind word, a smile, or a wave, then give to Urban Ministries, The Salvation Army or The Interactive Resource Center or some other charitable organization, but please give... 

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A vast majority of women who have been on the streets for longer than six months are likely to have been assaulted and/or raped. As an essential survival tactic, homeless women make themselves as invisible as possible so as not to be noticed. ~Colorado Coalition for the Homeless  

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Excerpt from The Greensboro Voice

 Before I met individual's struggling with homeslessness, I had no idea of their capacity to be generous and share what little they had. To be honest, I believed that people who were homeless, and individuals who begged, only took from others and never gave. I saw many instances where people who were homeless  and begging gave to each other. They shared their food, what little money they had, a place to sleep if they had it, and transportation when they had it. More importanlty they geneorusly gave their time, their concern, encouragement, their counsel, and their friendship. It's a humbling realization. Most of us have so much and yet we give so little. These individuals have so little, and some have nothing at all, and yet from that they give so much.

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Excerpt from Pushed to the Corner

 When I first began to notice them standing on the corners with their signs I tried to avoid them. I'd slow down, change lanes, or rush through a light so I wouldn't get stuck next to one of them while I waited for the light to change. Whenever I did have to stopI'd look away, pretend they weren't there, and hope they didn't see me. On occasion however I'd roll down my window and hand them a couple of dollars. The inconsistency of my actions came from a feeling of helplessness.

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