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You fly on the corner

Yet stay on the ground

This way of life

Won't let you turn around

Make a change

Put your sign down

Go a new way

Life waits to be found  



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Who Cares for Her?

I talked to Jennifer today. She flys (or begs) in front of the Wal-Mart on Wendover. She was there with her husband of 12 years. When I spoke with her she was standing in the shade trying to cool down. It's going to be almost 100 degrees today and when I got there around 12:00 it was already sweltering. She said her husband was flying in order to give her a break but that most of the time he wanted her to fly. That is one of the tradgedy's I see on the street corners. When you see a woman flying there is a good chance there is a man in her life who is basically pimping her out to beg for him. I will continue to visit Jennifer and hopefully over time she will trust me enought to tell me how she ended up begging on the corner.

While I was there I watched him fly his sign for just a few minutes and then he sent Jennifer back to the corner to beg... 


(Jennifer is not her real name. I have changed it to protect her.)  

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