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Stephanie always had a strong desire to give voice to the voiceless. Even as a little girl, she began to express her empathetic view of the world through poetry and photography. She later became a writer and artistic photographer, expressing beyond what is seen with the eye towards what is felt by the heart. 

Deep in Stephanie's heart was a desire to make a significant contribution to the plight of those less fortunate by using her expressive gifts. Stephanie made the decision to reach out ot women who beg with cardboard signs on the local street corners. Her profound words and touching pictures bring awareness to the sheer humanness of these women. Stephanie has become a passionate voice for them and their children.  

Stephanie was born in New Jersey and moved to Illinois with her parents and big brother when she was ten. When she was twelve, her family settled in Greensboro, NC, where she lives now. Stephanie married her high school sweetheart, Steve, and they have two sons. 

Writer Bio

Stephanie is a prolific writer having had over 40 articles published in The Greensboro Voice.  The newspaper is a not-for-profit paper focused on addressing local homelessness and poverty and including staff writers who were homeless. Eventually, Stephanie took over as editor where working on the paper allowed her to acquire a unique wealth of knowledge on the topic of homelessness and begging from all points of view.

Stephanie has also been published in The Community Arts Cafe, and On Shallowed Ground. 

Photographer Bio

Stephanie’s photographs have been sold at Winter Light Gallery, Community Arts Gallery, The Heart of Living Gallery, Lyndon Street, Two Art Chicks, Gallery of the Arts, Tyler White and more.

Her photos have been published in a number of magazines and publications including: The O'Henry Magazine, Carolina Gardner Magazine, The Heart of Living, The Greensboro Chamber of Commerce, The Greensboro News and Record, Greensboro Beautiful, and VF Kipling.

She has received photography awards from the World-Wide Photo Walk, The Greensboro News and Record, and Bokeh's Cityscapes.







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